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The freedom to craft inventive cinema comes from film making that is not bound by any visual or geographical barriers. Welcome to Khesari Production, the epicenter for complete production services in India. We are a multi dimensional Line Production Company for films, documentaries, television advertisements and events, that represents the India you were looking for. Based in the Bollywood city, Mumbai, we specialize in film production, making of documentary films, ad films, line production and all you were looking for when it comes to Motion Picture Production.

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Khesari Entertainment: Homepage

Hello and welcome to Khesari Entertainment, where you’ll find yourself further in love with your favourite movies and shows. 

In this special article, we’ll be showing what drives us to serve you better through our mission, vision, and important core values. 


To give our readers entertaining and informative analyses of their favourite movies and shows. We want to help readers appreciate their favourite content more as we delve deeper into them. 


To have millions of readers have a better understanding and appreciation of their favourite stories. We also envision a larger team of writers that can write about different sides of entertainment. 

Core values 

No organization will be able to function without a set of core values. This is because these values will help decide our next courses of action for both our writing and the organization as a whole. 

Below are these core values that help us give you excellent content:

Fun and creative 

All of our content is written in a fun and exciting manner to keep readers like you entertained and engaged. 

Short and simple

There’s nothing more unappealing than boring writing. This is because no matter how exciting a work of art is, it’ll be rendered boring if it’s written in a big block of text.


We keep our content appropriate by not using harmful messages and references that can offend people. Unless the work of fiction requires it, we won’t be using curse words, crude humour, controversial socio-political references, and other potentially harmful content. 


You deserve all the best content in the world. That’s why we always do our best to ensure each of our work fits beyond the standards of quality writing. 


We believe that everyone is skilled at something. That no matter where they’ve come from, they have something new to bring to readers like you. So during the hiring process, we always search for some of the best writers we can hire from all walks of life. 

Relevant content

Though we’ll occasionally feature classic works, most of our work will be about trendy movies and shows. This is to help you appreciate some of your recent favourites significantly faster. 


If you’re not an English speaker or are still not used to the language, we’ll be making our content accessible by translating our content to hundreds of languages. From Chinese to Spanish, you’ll be able to enjoy our content no matter what language you speak. 


Though our work is free for you to access, we want to give you the most value in them. That’s why we make sure to gain all possible takes of various works to give you multi-part analyses of your favourite works. 


There will never be a day where you won’t have something to read. We’ve hired a variety of writers who can write about any entertainment topic under the sun. From character analyses to movie recommendations, you are sure to wake up every morning with something fun to read.