How your favourite movies make you a better person

How your favourite movies make you a better person

One of the best ways to relax is to watch a fun movie. Regardless of genre, they can entertain you, let you socialize with friends and give you a better way of thinking. By glimpsing the life of characters far from your reality or mirrors your current situation exactly, getting an outside perspective on life allows you to speculate on it and come upon certain realizations. 

Today at Khesari Entertainment, we’d like to share with you these benefits as we explore them through three movie genres: comedy, horror, and science fiction. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the great benefits of watching movies

Benefits of watching comedy films

According to many studies, laughter is good for you. With many health benefits from laughing often, you must trigger the feeling any chance you get. One of the best ways to do it is through viewing your favourite comedy movies. 

Here at Khesari Entertainment, we’ll be sharing with you how comedy movies can save your life:

A stronger body and immune system

Tired of being stressed out and tense? Then a nice comedy movie will do the job! As you laugh out loud and have fun, endorphins, also known as ‘the happy hormones’, get triggered within your body. What this hormone does is, it improves your overall mood, and by extension, keeps you strong and healthy! 

Controls your rage 

If you feel like you’re about to burst from anger, a fun comedy film will put a lid on your rage. For you to have better self-control, it’s a great idea to learn how to live life like your favourite comedy films! From taking most things lightly to being more accepting of the other ‘cast members’ of your life, this lifestyle will decrease your feelings of rage. 

Helps you to stay positive

As you watch more comedy movies, you start to absorb the way characters think. As mentioned above, comedies should influence your lifestyle. Doing so helps you to be significantly happier as you handle life’s many challenges with a smile on your face.

Reduced blood pressure

As you laugh at yet another hilarious joke, research has shown that you’ll get better blood flow and lower blood pressure. What this means is the chances of you getting heart disease decrease as you watch a great comedy. This shows that laughing can literally save your life!  

Makes you smarter

Though most main characters in comedies are idiots, watching their hilarious antics can actually make you smarter. According to an experienced cognitive neuroscientist, Doctor Scott Weems, fans of comedies are great at answering semantic associated tasks. So if you want to be smarter, grab your favourite comedy film. 

Builds romantic relationships

Aside from pizza, one of the best ways for people to connect is laughter. So if you’re looking to build a relationship with Miss or Mister Right, invite them over for a comedy film viewing! As the two of you share a laugh together, you start to build a bond that will (hopefully) lead to a romantic relationship. When you do so, that person will identify laughter, and by extension, happiness, to you. 

Effective workout

Though you won’t be jacked like an action star, or slim like a supermodel, watching comedies is a great form of workout. May researchers have found that laughing for 10 – 15 minutes can burn roughly 50 calories. So imagine how much you can lose with more? 

It doesn’t stop there! It also works out your stomach muscles as they expand and contract along with your laughter. So if you want to stay fit, in addition to working out, make sure to frequently laugh at a comedy!

Benefits of watching horror movies

Whether it’s scary ghosts, wild monsters, or disturbing serial killers, horror movies are always intriguing to watch. The suspense and the terror that builds up in us when we watch horror is exhilarating! Though some people believe that these feelings are bad for you. Well, they’re wrong. 

This is because contrary to popular belief, horror movies are actually good for you! We at Khesari Entertainment debunks the idea that horror movies are bad through the following facts.

They help you to be courageous 

Courage isn’t the absence of fear, but it’s your ability to overcome it. So by watching horror movies, especially those that trigger your specific fears, you become acquainted with them better. Making you better prepared when you have to face them in real life. 

They encourage you to protect yourself

For a lot of horror movies, especially those of the slasher variety, the main characters will all be able to survive if they knew how to fight. With that, horror movies should encourage you to learn self-defence techniques. Though it’s unlikely that a psycho will attack you in the middle of the night, it helps to be prepared for an attack. 

Great for socialization

The great thing about horror movies is that most people are intrigued by them. Fear is a common emotion that binds us all together, so watching horror movies can help you make friends. Overcoming fears is always a great way to create stronger bonds with friends. This is because you start to associate one another with safety. So be sure to watch more horror movies with your friends! 

A boosted immune system

It sounds shocking to read this phrase, but it’s true! Horror movies can increase your immune system through the activation of fear in terrifying sequences. Then once the scene goes away, it returns your mind to a calm state that releases healthy hormones like dopamine and serotonin. These two strengthen your immune system and keep your brain cells active.

Improves decision making

Every horror fan has experienced this: screaming at the main character who continues to make stupid decisions that inevitably get them killed. Since your mind starts to see what a bad decision looks like, you’d be better able to avoid making them. 

Can combat depressive symptoms

We’re not saying that watching horror movies can cure your depression, but they do help you relieve some symptoms. 

As you get that exciting jolt from being surprised or frightened, your adrenaline levels go up! People suffering from depressive symptoms are known to have low levels of adrenaline. So that boost could be what they need to improve their mood! 

Can burn calories

In addition to going to the gym, watching horror movies is an excellent way to work out! 

Based on a study from 2012, horror movies trigger an increase in pulse that leads to weight loss. Caused by perceived stress from the film, the pulse increase starts to send pumping blood around the body at a higher rate. When this happens, adrenaline gets activated, and lowers the appetite and increases the base metabolic rate of the watcher.  

Benefits of watching Sci-fi movies

When life seems to be too stressful at times, it helps to escape to a galaxy far, far away from time to time. With exciting technology, different worlds, and of course, a view of the future, watching sci-fi movies is one of the best ways to unwind! 

In addition to its entertainment value, there are also a lot of great benefits you can have by watching them! We at Khesari Entertainment would like to share with you some of these: 

Encourages societal and cultural change

One of the best things about sci-fi is that it opens viewers to ‘what if’ scenarios that change our way of life. From stories about how freedom is the right of all sentient beings, to concepts that make the world a better way to live, sci-fi is known to help us be better as a species. 


A lot of science fiction films can be a gateway for many people to study the actual science behind them. That by studying the sciences involved, viewers seem to be a part of the world that they love. Sometimes, this immersion even helps viewers become world-changing scientists! 

It inspires to think about the future

Whether it’s about an inspiring utopian city or a terrifying dystopian world, sci-fi films encourage viewers of today to think about the future. As they sometimes reflect what happens in real life, and how they could bring upon the evolution or end of our world. So if you want to be a forward thinker, take the time to watch a sci-fi film! 

Movies are incredible! They place us in new and exciting situations that help us to learn more about the human experience. Giving us a better understanding of not just the people around us but also ourselves. So if you want to be a better person, take the time to relax and watch some of your favourite films. 

For more information about movies, shows, and various entertainment topics, make sure to frequently visit our blog here at Khesari Entertainment!

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