Scream and laugh as you watch these 4 great horror-comedies

Scream and laugh as you watch these 4 great horror-comedies

Every Halloween, we at Khesari Entertainment have made it a tradition to watch some horror movies. However, as time went by, scary movies on their own didn’t cut it for us anymore. We want to feel more, and we no longer want to just feel afraid. 

That’s why today, we’d like to share with you some horror movies that will not only frighten you but also make you laugh out loud. 

Evil Dead II (1987)

A retelling of the original, Evil Dead II is the story of how a young couple’s dream vacation became a nightmarish trap. 

Going to the woods for a small weekend vacation, lovers Ash and Linda found a mysterious book inside the cabin they’re staying in. The book’s name is Necronomicon Ex Mortis, the Book of the Dead. Bound in human flesh and inked in blood, this ancient Sumerian text unleashed an unseen demon that took Linda and tortured Ash. 

Alone, Ash tries to survive the night or he’s dead by dawn. However, it won’t be easy; the evils unleashed by the Necronomicon gets him into terrifying and sometimes hilarious situations. 

Who knew humour and horror can go so well together? In Evil Dead II, you’ll scream and laugh as Ash fumbles around to survive the night. 

Zombieland (2009)

There are times when having no one to talk to sounds fun. In Zombieland, young Tallahassee has too much of a good thing as almost everyone around him becomes a flesh-eating zombie. 

As he uses his free time to make a list of zombie survival tips, Tallahassee becomes a lone traveller traversing what is now called ‘Zombieland’. 

However, he won’t continue on this journey alone. Partnered with a gun-toting, twinkie-loving maniac, and a deadly pair of sisters, Tallahassee will have to work with them to survive the hordes of zombies coming their way.    

Monster House (2006)

Every Halloween, trick or treaters always avoid that one house that seems to exude dark energy. Soon, these children grow up and realize that that house is not evil. However, what if it was? 

In Monster House, three pre-teens feel like there was something sinister about their neighbour’s home. That not only does it look terrifying, it also housed something demonic creature that wanted to consume everything in its path. With the grown-ups around them saying they’re just paranoid, the kids are left to their own devices to save the town. 

With Halloween getting nearer, they’ve noticed children and various items getting lost near the house. So now, they have to work together to ensure no one gets hurt anymore. 

If you love animated movies, then you’d love this terrifying modern classic! 

Freaky (2020)

Being a teenage girl is terrible. You constantly have to worry about your studies, what that boy you like thinks of you, and switching bodies with a serial killer?! 

In Freaky, Millie Kessler’s tormented life takes a turn for the worse as she gets stabbed with an ancient dagger that makes her switch bodies with a middle-aged serial killer. 

Now, with the help of her best friends, Millie has to find a way to return to her body within 24 hours. Or else, she and the serial killer will permanently switch bodies forever. It’s not going to be easy though, as the serial killer walks around Millie’s body and targets her for death. 

Yet another of our favourite horror-comedy movies, Freaky adds a fresh twist to the slasher genre as the blonde becomes the predator and the old psycho becomes prey.

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