Trip down memory lane: 3 classic Taiwanese dramas to rewatch

People typically look for a key to unlock their reservoir of nostalgic memories when they are in a bad state and/or experiencing negative emotions. While this coping mechanism may work for some, others believe otherwise. 

Be that as it may, nostalgia is always bittersweet. That is why here at Khesari Entertainment, we do things differently. Meaning, what better way to cope with this experience than by watching timeless films and television series, especially those that you have already seen? Listed as follows on this page are three classic Taiwanese dramas to keep you entertained throughout the day or even a week. 

  1. Meteor Garden

TV show details:

  • Genre — Romance, comedy, drama, and family
  • Date of release — April to August 2001
  • No. of episodes — 27
  • Production company — Comic Ritz International Production

Meteor Garden has a significant legacy, known as the series that has spawned various regional adaptations. It is the first live-action adaptation of the Japanese comic entitled ‘Boys Over Flowers’, where it depicts a love story between two people from various social classes. Learn in this series how love triumphed despite social rank and prejudice.

  1. Down with Love 

TV show details:

  • Genre — Romance and comedy
  • Date of release — January to May 2010
  • No. of episodes — 16
  • Episode runtime — 90 minutes 

Autumn’s Concerto is a story about second chances and healing that smashed records due to astronomically high ratings. This series takes you on a trip through the lives of a successful and well-known lawyer and a plain young girl who is trying to escape a distressing past. When tragedy strikes the lawyer, he loses all of his memories, putting their blossoming friendship to the test.

  1. Autumn’s Concerto

TV show details:

  • Genre — Romance and drama
  • Date of release — October 2009 to February 2010
  • No. of episodes — 21 (original release)
  • Episode runtime — 60 minutes
  • Production company — Sanlih E-Television (SET)

Jerry Yan, the major male protagonist of Meteor Garden, stars in Down With Love. This time, he portrays Xiang Yu Ping, a well-known lawyer who is chilly and aloof. However, those qualities quickly changed when his brother died, thus leaving him no choice but to keep an eye on his two unruly nieces.

With his demanding work schedule, he plans to employ a nanny to look after the two little daughters. The issue is that no hired employees would last for an extended period of time because either the two young females scare them away, or some of them try to entice him. When Yu Ping’s secretary shares the information with her tomboyish sister, Yang Guo, the long search comes to an end. However, what will he do if he discovers that Guo’s sexuality is a lie?

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